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What Types of Facial Tissue Folding Machine are There on the Market?

Apr. 20, 2021

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If you really choose to do one thing, then the whole world will help you. There are many types of color-printed napkin machines on the market. Generally speaking, they are divided into two types: ordinary color-printed napkin machines and color-printed napkin machines that are classified according to the printing color.

Facial Tissue Folding Machine

Facial Tissue Folding Machine

The napkin machine is an overall term. It may be easier to understand: one is the wallet-style facial tissue (common in restaurants, the tissue has two horizontal lines and one vertical line after unfolding. We usually call this kind of tissue paper a wallet. Correspondingly. The magnificent machine is called a wallet paper machine), one is a mini type of facial tissues (the paper handkerchiefs that we often carry with us, the heart-to-heart paper handkerchiefs are typical representatives, and we can buy them near the train station or bus station. A small pack of five cents is this kind of paper towel. The corresponding equipment is called a handkerchief paper machine), one is the kind of napkin we use in KFC or other KFCs.

The napkin machine is to emboss, fold, and cut the cut paper into square or long paper towels. In fact, the napkin machine here refers to three different equipment for folding paper towels: wallet paper machine, handkerchief paper machine, and napkin paper machine. The money clip machine and the napkin machine can be completed by replacing the folding board, but the handkerchief paper machine must be a different equipment from other paper towel machines.

It is used for embossing, folding, electronic counting, and cutting of raw material tray paper into finished napkin paper. Accurate counting, environmental protection and energy saving, and embossing can produce various clear and beautiful patterns according to user needs.

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