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How to Replace the Blade of the Facial Tissue Packaging Machine Cutter?

May. 06, 2021

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When the cutting resistance of the paper towel machine increases and the cutting sound changes significantly, it indicates that the blade has been used directly, and the sharpener should be replaced in time.

Facial Tissue Packaging Machine

Facial Tissue Packaging Machine

Napkin machine replacement procedure:

1. When the cutter blade is at the top position, turn off the power switch, stop the machine and stop the machine. Put the machine in the cranking state and park the tool holder at the middle position. When the handle of the blade is loosened and inserted into the screw hole of the grinder, the blade can be taken out of the screw hole of the grinder.

2. Fix the paper towel cutter blade: first check the newly obtained blade, check the angle and width of the blade grinding, and wipe the blade with a soft cloth (the blade should be wiped from the back to the blade, not against or along the blade). Then screw the tool-loading wrench on the accessory into the screw hole of the ground or replaced blade, place it on the accessory, push it near the tool holder, and lift the blade so that the two holes in the middle slot of the blade are hung on the hooks of the tool holder , Take off the handle of the knife, insert the wrench of the knife into the hole on the knife holder in the hexagonal wrench, turn it clockwise, the blade will automatically rise to a fixed position. Tighten all the bolts on the tool holder to fix the blade. Pay attention to the whole process and be careful not to let the blade hit hard objects. Finally put away various tools to complete the fixation of the blade.

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