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How to Produce Facial Tissue for Hotels?

Jun. 28, 2021

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The napkin market is full of restaurants, hotels, food stalls and other places, and it is cleanly used as a meal! The shape of the napkins is small, square, bar, and different in size! Friends who are preparing to use the napkin machine to stop the consumption of napkins, after understanding under the different market conditions, the model size of the napkin machine is difficult to buy, so what size napkin machine is suitable for consuming napkins?

Facial Tissue Folding Machine

Facial Tissue Folding Machine

If you want to know what type of napkin machine I want to buy, we must first understand the market we want to target, the high-end market or the low-end market! The shape and pattern of tissues used in different markets are different! Ordinary napkins are divided into two types: rectangle and square! Ordinary rectangular napkins are called strips. This kind of tissue will be packaged into individually wrapped tissues, such as wallet paper, small handkerchief tissue, etc.! Square tissues are called square tissues, and they are sold in bulk or packed in square bags to stop selling! Ordinary napkins are presented in front of people in these two ways! We want to choose the model size. First, we must understand the type of tissues that the market needs, and then stretch the tissues that have a large sales volume, spread them out, and then use a ruler to stop measuring the length and width of the tissue. According to the length and width, we can judge how big the device is to stop consumption. Paper towels! It is also possible to determine the width of the tissue used in the local surrounding area and the size of the machine model used.

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