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What should be Paid Attention to When Disassembling the Bearings of Facial Tissue Paper Folding Machine?

Jun. 12, 2020
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Safety precautions when disassembling bearings in Facial Tissue Paper Folding Machine:

Napkins are known to everyone and are familiar. When we eat and eat, you will see a variety of flowers and colorful printed napkins. Napkins are the second-best selling outer paper roll, second only to sales rolls.

We ourselves want to understand the use of toilet paper for processing, we must first understand some napkin processing equipment, that is, napkin machine. In fact, the napkin machine is divided into many types of enterprises: high-speed napkin machine, embossed napkin machine, folding napkin machine, color printing napkin machine and mini napkin machine. Everyone sees and uses all kinds of napkins in the society when they dine, and they are designed and manufactured with these information equipments. Napkin processing, investment risk is less, and floor towels account for less. Secondly, the processing of napkins is also relatively simple. In the production of napkins, the machines that need to cut napkins into napkins are processed into finished napkins, and the size of the finished paper can be adjusted according to customer needs.

Semi Auto Single Packaging Machine

Semi Auto Single Packaging Machine

The bearing in the napkin processing equipment is equivalent to the joints of the human body. Although it is relatively small, it has a great effect. If it is not properly repaired and replaced, it will seriously affect the output of the papermaking machinery.

The retractor should pull the inner ring of the hook bearing and should not be hooked on the outer ring to avoid bearing damage or excessive slack; the center hole when the puller is used so that the screw has no skewed orientation axis. It should also be noted that in the case of the retractor by the bearing force, the bearing is not damaged and the retractor; the retractor to prevent slippage is taken; the angled feet are less than 90°. The use of thrust bearings is smooth and reliable, and will not damage the machine and bearing pressing methods. Push hand press, hydraulic press or mechanical suppression. Note: It should focus on the central axis, not the partial pressure. Fourth, a method for removing heat from a close fit to remove bearings. It is first heated to use oil of about 100°C to split the bearing and bearing rings in the oil until the thermal expansion of the bearing can be pulled out by pulling. Puller should be installed on the bearing for disassembly and apply a certain force; before heating, or using asbestos rope to wrap the thin iron shaft and heating the shaft to prevent swelling, it will be difficult to remove the bearing from the bearing housing when the bearing is removed by toilet paper processing equipment The hole shell is removed, the bearing shell only heats the shell hole, and the bearing cannot be heated; when pouring oil, the bearing ring or rolling body of the oil pot is smoothly poured on the paper machine and placed under the oil sump to collect the hot oil flow to avoid waste and burns; operators should wear asbestos gloves to prevent burns.

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