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Do you Know How to Emboss on a Napkin?

Oct. 12, 2020
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1. Why do you want to emboss on the napkin?

At present, the small roll napkins on the market basically have different embossed patterns. In particular, rolls sold in supermarkets are basically full of embossing. Not only are they affordable and novel, many consumers like this napkin. So how to emboss on a napkin?

Hand Towel Tissue Folding Machine

Hand Towel Tissue Folding Machine

In the past, napkins had no patterns, only one perforation, and even no embossing on both sides, let alone patterns. This makes us feel low taste.

However, with the improvement of people's lives, a variety of embossed napkins have appeared, and there are also text on the napkins. It not only attracts the attention of consumers, but also embossed tissue can not only meet the needs of the plot, but also meet people's pursuit of beauty.

2. How to emboss on a napkin?

Now, the manufacturer has produced a new processing equipment, namely the embossed napkin rewinder. It is stamped on the original foundation of the napkin.

The embossed napkin rewinder is an embossing roll added to the original napkin rewinder to make the paper soft, absorbent and soft.

It is a new generation of embossed and perforated napkin paper rewinder, and the large shaft base paper passes through the machine. Embossing, perforating, and winding into paper rolls, the embossing pattern is clear and beautiful, the spiral knife pierces, the knife is small, the noise is low, the paper roll looseness is adjusted, and the electronic counting device ensures that the diameter of the paper roll is consistent.

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