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Do you Know How to Choose a Facial Tissue Machine?

Sep. 07, 2020
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Touch the paper and see how it feels

The better the quality of the paper, the higher the content of raw wood pulp. Of course, because the toilet paper made of raw wood pulp is very delicate, when we touch the paper, it depends on whether the paper is smooth and comfortable. Those poor quality paper feels uncomfortable. The paper is very hard and rough, and lint easily. If we feel that the paper is grainy, we must pay attention. Do not buy this kind of toilet paper, it will affect our health.

Facial Tissue Folding Machine

Facial Tissue Folding Machine

Look at the toughness of paper

Because high-quality toilet paper must be made of wood pulp, this toilet paper has very good toughness and feels very elastic. We should pull it hard, not easily destroy it. Good toilet paper, when we pull it, it can only be pulled out some creases, and it will not be broken. And those inferior toilet paper, when we pull it, it looks very fragile and easily breaks.

Look at the whiteness of the paper

We usually have a habitual thinking, that is, the whiter things are, the cleaner they are. Because white is a clean feeling, we also think that the whiter the paper, the better. But this is not the case. On the contrary, brighteners add a lot of white paper to make the paper whiter, so they will look very white and very clean. But in fact, the situation is quite the opposite. In our country, the whiteness of paper is regulated. The maximum whiteness is 90%. If the whiteness exceeds this data, it will not be able to meet the requirements. If you use this paper for a long time, you may develop some skin diseases and even cause cancer. Therefore, we must correct this thinking, not the whiter the better.

Normal, healthy paper is usually ivory white, a natural white. Therefore, when choosing paper, we must pay attention to the above aspects. For the health of our family and ourselves, we must not ignore these issues.

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